Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lift Off 8" x 6" floral still life painting

Lift Off  Oil on wood  8" x 6"  NFS
Though I've admired how artists use varying degrees of paint thickness to great effect, it's something I feel like I'm only just beginning to explore in my own work...  I used to be so clear about what a good painting should be and evenly applied thick paint was an absolute requirement...  The more I paint, the more I do not know about painting, heh.  The board for "Lift Off" was toned with sienna brown--and I'm liking the effect it has under thinner paint.


  1. love the vibrancy of the red and I also like the deeper richer colors at the bottom of the jar. Another beauty.

  2. I think it's true in any endeavor--the less you know for sure, the more you're growing! I really love how the jar's edge is so soft that the eye can barely detect the edge on the bottom left of the glass. This is something you've made me recognize in my own painting, not all edges should be sharply defined. Love this, Diane! And thanks for sharing your journey, it's so helpful! xo

  3. love the effect that sienna brown / honey light gives the different tones in the flowers. The opportunity the petals of a flower give is marvelous . Each one can be different color or tone. Great!

  4. Your paintings have such sensitivity. This is a good example. And yep, the more we know the more we know we don't know. That's the intrigue of it all. :-)


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