Monday, March 24, 2014

Kirk the shelter cat

Kirk  Oil on wood  8" x 6"  SOLD
This is Kirk, he is very playful and affectionate. A tiny chunk of his right ear is missing, doesn't seem to bother him though... see photo.  I wonder if he was in a brawl before he landed at the Cleveland Animal Protective League?
Update:  Who knew?  Kirk's "notched ear" means he has been neutered!  :)  Thank you, dear subscriber for cluing me in!

 Also,  I'm giving away a painting in April.  A choice of paintings will be posted on April 7th, be sure to see 'em!!  Winner's choice happens April 23, my 6th bloggiversary!  Subscribers are automatically entered to win, if you are not subscribed, please do so now! Here's a link to subscribe. 


  1. Quite elegant in the light with a wistful expression. Beautiful painting Diane - as always. I only have to read Shelter and my heart gives a little extra beat. They really provide a wonderful service to every community they are in but wish more people would get their pets from them.
    Fingers crossed on the give-a-way.

  2. Happy soon to be blogiversary! We've both been doing this a long time's true what they say about "time flies when you're having fun"!!! You'll have a lot of folks anxious to win a being one of them!!! (long time loyal fan!) :-)


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