Sunday, December 8, 2013

Deco Layla

Deco Layla  Oil on wood  10" x 10" SOLD
Despite the appalling lack of new art here, I am in fact painting every day.  Today's post/painting "Deco Layla" is one of my favorites, it was a judge's pick for November on Daily Paintworks.  (Thanks to judge Belinda Del Pesco!)  I will be posting a bigger version of "Deco Layla" (working on it now) and more soon!


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Diane ...I love the light hitting the cat...and her perfect pose!!!

  2. Love the treatment of the tabby stripes . As always the fur seems touchable! I think folk know you are painting hard for commissions..'tis the season! lol

  3. Love the mysterious "jungle" feel of this one, Diane! Don't forget to take some time for you--we know you're working your fingers to the bone to get things done this month. :) xo

  4. Wonderful painting! I'm crazy busy this time of year too!


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