Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Family painting of rock sculpture

The Family  Oil on wood  8" x 10"  SOLD
There's a story here: It's about a cabin in the woods and a dream realized.  The cabin was built by a wonderful lady! A pond was dug too.  She and her family vacationed there every summer.  It was her mountain side dream get-away.   Due to life circumstances the day arrived that she had to sell it. The new owners seemed to appreciate it very much and they told her she would always be welcomed. 

Many years went by. She missed the cabin horribly.  She spoke of it often.  She didn't want to bother the new owners despite their kindness.  Then one day she finally broke down and sent them an email. They invited her to stay at the cabin for a few days!  
She did so.  She swam in the pond and walked in the woods. She admired the stone sculptures the new owners had created.  She felt incredibly happy and gratified because she realized they loved her dream get-away as much as she did.  This painting was created as a token of her appreciation to them.  The end.


  1. What a sweet story that resulted in a lovely and peaceful painting. :)

  2. What a WONDERFUL story!! I love those serendipitous happenings - that have such sweet endings! (like a good chic-flick, some times I just want a good story with a happy ending- one of the great simple pleasures in life). Lucky for them both to have that great connection & commemorate it with a painting!

  3. A fabulous story with a marvelous ending. The painting is always a lasting memory.


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