Monday, September 23, 2013

Nasturtium Galaxy floral still life by Hoeptner

Nasturtium Galaxy  Oil on wood  8" x 8"  SOLD
Vintage seed catalogue
from the Smithsonian
Fun facts about Nasturtiums:  They symbolize victory through battle and conquest.  They are edible. 

They strike me as a kind of "old time" flower, not unlike mums and violets.  I associate them with vintage illustrations on valentine's day cards and seed packets.   

I'm working on mixing better greens...   My normal MO is mix "some kind" of blue with "some kind" of  yellow.  ...and that's usually it.  However, adding bits of other colors including complimentary reds (etc) can be very good for color unity throughout.  Maybe more nasturtiums this week.


  1. I just love nasturtiums! We grow some every year- (I can't wait to get back home & paint mine before frost hits!). Love the backgrounds you choose to go with your florals (and kitties)!! Always intriguing!!

  2. One of my favorite flowers....the leaves in salad-piquant!
    Lovely painting.

  3. Silly me! When you said you're trying to get better at mixing greens, I thought you meant you were going to start putting nasturtiums in your salads!
    This is just gorgeous and I love your greens!

  4. I just love your nasturtiums, and the grey background really makes the flowers stand out. :)

  5. This still life is simply wonderful. The old-timey plant looks perfect in this unusual composition that is SO retro!

    I love nasturtiums too, especially in salads where they lend an exotic look and a radish-like taste.

  6. Love this painting. In fact, I like so much of your work! I've looked and lurked around your site and blog before. And I've painted nasturtiums myself a number of times, so maybe this is a good time to finally comment.
    Greens are the hardest color to work with, other than white, in my opinion. I have more mixes than you would want to hear about here, but the trick of adding red is usually a good one. Also, black + yellow makes a great green when you need something understated.


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