Sunday, July 28, 2013

Full Moon Coco cat painting by Hoeptner

Full Moon Coco  Oil on wood  8" x 8"  SOLD
I am thrilled to be part of SYZGY a group show happening at the Cleveland West Art League Gallery in 78th ST Studios next year:  

  •  syzygy \'si-zə-jē \ n:  1: a conjunction of planets  2: the alignment of celestial bodies    3: an exhibit of the work of six stellar artists including Marilyn Dolence, Mike Guyot, moi?!, Leslie Edwards Humez, George Kocar, Judy Takacs

It doesn't happen for several months, but ideas about how celestial imagery can play into my art are beginning to percolate.


  1. Super amazing! Like the composition of the moon behind the cat's tail. Always beautiful work that I greatly admire.
    Currently doing commissioned pet portraits in acrylic and hope to get to your level when I eventually tackle them in oil!

  2. A gorgeous piece, Diane! I can't say enough on how I feel about this painting!!!! You can almost feel the softness in his fur!!!!!!

  3. Diane,
    Lovely composition. This is a such a beautiful piece.

  4. Not surprised this one sold super fast ;) Stunning

  5. I love all your cat paintings...but there is something magically wonderful about this piece! Great composition and mystery in such a small space!!

  6. This is simply beautiful, Diane. Congrats on the upcoming show!


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