Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blue Fern Flowers re-worked

Blue Fern Flowers (reworked a bit!)  Oil on paper  each 12" x 12"  NFS
Gave these a suggested boost of blue in the background and enhanced the white petals a bit.  


  1. Lovely. So much better. The flowers stand out more. There is more unity between flower and background in that the highlights fall in the same place. Before there was nearly a conflict between background and flower which showed neither at thier there's a unity, yet each can command one's attention in turn.

  2. Diane, Anne said it so well. Now the flowers stand so beautifully against the beautiful blue background. They look like lovely modern Audubon paintings. This really did it. The paintings are gorgeous.

  3. It's interesting to see the different phases of your paint-in-progress. I actually like them both!


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