Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Trio Pair pair of paintings of white flowers

Trio Pair  Oil and acrylic on paper  each approx 12" x 12"  NFS
Well, two finished paintings are better than two unfinished paintings, right?  I will do another round of white ranunculus next.  These are a little old time-y looking, not really what was I was going for.  The next set will have more contemporary background graphics.
In other news, my give-away bloggiversary winner chose "Cobalt Clues" and the painting shipped to Romania this morning.  


  1. Hey Diane! Sorry these weren't what you were aiming at (yes, a bit old fashioned, tho lovely); I know the problem all too well, creatively speaking. Next time, you'll nail it and smile for a week. Indigo x

  2. Since I'm "stuck" in the good ole days, I have to say I love these! Wonderful work as always, Diane.


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