Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hang in There Kitten painting 2012 revised new

Hang in There Kitten  Oil on cradled wood  14" x 11" 
If you feel like a scared kitteh, do "Hang in There."  This too shall pass and you will roam once again, free to stretch, stalk and scratch.  Photo references for this painting were provided by Love and Hisses.


  1. Precious painting, this kitten's expression!!! and the background is perfect.

  2. heehee- this just makes me smile!! I love that image- and to see it in a painting is wonderful!!!

  3. Thank you Hmuxo and Roxanne, your comments are really appreciated! I'm a little all over the map with my subject matter lately. But it's good to branch out a bit.

  4. I love this kitty's little belly. What a great painting.



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