Friday, July 6, 2012

Coco Suave painting of gray cat w rooster

Coco Suave  Oil on cradled wood  10" x 8"  NFS
The reference for this painting was one of those photographs that just demands "Paint me nooooow!!"  I happily obeyed as this cat is very handsome and easy on the eyes.  On a side note, I admit to being a bit bothered by mysterious and un-related visions of the Dos Equis guy while painting "Coco Suave." Please don't let that influence your opinion of this painting.  (:


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the patterned background.

  2. LOVE the painting!
    You totally made me crack up with the Dos Equis guy reference though. Now I have his voice in my head ;-)

  3. Coco has a lot of personality, that's for sure! This is beautiful and your post gave me a laugh.


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