Friday, June 29, 2012

Untitled Cat Painting and summer observations

Pictured at left, my latest 10" x 8" cat painting.  It is possibly the worst photo ever.   I'll re-shoot it later and add a Buy Now button at that time.  
Summer has found me a little frazzled.  Not really frazzled and unhappy --just frazzled and doing more multi-taking than usual.  My main computer has been failing in annoying and random intervals--so, backing up and deleting excessive image files has occupied much time.  Oh, and my husband and I are going on a little vacation this year.  It will include boarding an airplane and staying in hotels!!  While that is both fun and exciting, it also requires careful planning. Art deadlines too, more on those as they pan out.  Expect to see more cats and florals on pattern and maybe a few more dogs too.  Thank you for reading and for commenting, have a great weekend. 
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  1. I'm so glad you'll get a nice vacation! Since we go to Florida for 3 months (I teach there in the winter) we don't always take a "vacation" vacation. We're doing some small trips this year. It's always nice to get away, though for me (like you) it takes a lot of planning. The cat is great!

  2. I've never seen a painting of yours that I didn't like...this cat is beautiful. Relax and enjoy your vacation...I just got back from Tucson so I can understand the "anxiety" of vacationing!! But you'll have a wonderful time.!!!

  3. You are such a great designer. In addition to being a fabulous painter. This latest series is very fetching! I love them all!


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