Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tangled Reds original oil painting of Ranunculus

Tangled Reds  Oil on cradled wood  10" x 10" NFS
I remember learning a "trick" for making portraits more exciting.  The trick was to make one side of the face dark against a light background and the other side light against a dark background. While painting this bouquet of dark red Ranunculus I realized the glass jar does just that.  Not sure if it makes it more exciting, but I like the effect.


  1. GORGEOUS floral, Diane. Your roses are truly beautiful!!!

  2. Your work is always exciting even without "tricks"! Just beautiful!

  3. It is the rhythmic flow of the flowers I always love in your work. You have amazing ability and although I do not always comment I never miss visiting your blog.
    Yes - the glass is fabulous!

  4. Is this rose the real one? haha, so Realistic painting, love it....


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