Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Golden Gray oil painting of cat on scroll pattern

Golden Gray  Oil on cradled wood  6" x 6" SOLD
I spent most of yesterday preparing for the tax lady.  It was mostly dreadful.  My system for keeping track of stuff is less than stellar.  There was a silver lining though, I discovered that my online/blog sales went up by 31% in 2011.  I'd like to think my paintings got that much better... but suspect it's more likely a combination of things ...not the least of which includes painting more cats. (:


  1. Diane, I LOVE your cats!! And I'm not even a cat person per se. They just exude softness. Absolutely wonderfully painted. I've really been enjoying them.

  2. You can't go wrong painting cats, Diane... esp. the way you paint them! Gorgeous!! Well, after preparing my taxes for the year, this evening, I found that my record keeping skills need to be improved some... could be an artist thing. Not sure :))

  3. Lovely cat painting, the fur looks so soft. Really well done.


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