Monday, January 9, 2012

Catnip Thug small oil painting gray cat on pink

Catnip Thug  Oil on wood  6" x 6"  NFS
Coco isn't really a "Catnip Thug."  Truth be told, he waits until our other cat Layla has at it, then he politely takes his turn with the left overs.  This painting completes a series of four that I'm really proud of, see the other three (all sold!) below.   


  1. "Catnip Thug" - hee, hee! Love it! All the cats in these paintings are just so beautiful, Diane. Of course, I'm hopelessly obsessed with felines, so I have a slight bias.

    I think you should consider doing a book of this series at some point. Or a set of notecards or prints or something.

    Just sayin'....;)

  2. Not surprised the rest as sold. You do such an amazing job on these kitties. You make us want to pet that soft fur and their eyes, wow!

  3. Gorgeous! I love seeing all of them together. I enjoy reading about your cats too!

  4. These four paintings are just fabulous, Diane! I love the subjects and the backgrounds you selected for each painting. The way you paint fur makes it look like velvet. Just beautiful!

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