Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pear Apples & a badly written mini saga

Pear Apples  Oil on wood  6" x 6" 
Click image to enlarge.
Sometimes we run out of steam mid-painting and things get left out.  The greenish yellow square of fabric had a tropical floral pattern that wouldh've looked really nice.  Unfortunately,  I seem to have the attention span of a nat today.  Plus my new American Art Collector magazine has arrived and there's chocolate in the house...  The end.


  1. ha..that is so funny..must be something going on this least you have been painting. I have been watching Oprah and eating Kitkats!

  2. You are too funny, Diane. Ahhh decisions, decisions.
    I bought donuts to paint...but ah, they got eaten before I got my painterly hands on them!:-) So, I did a pomegranate.:-) This is still a beautiful painting...quiet.

  3. Diane I just received your beautiful calendar! Thank you so much, I don't have one on my desk but I love looking at yours!!
    Thanks again (and for your sweet note)

  4. Kay, if it wasn't AAC it would have been Oprah. It was one of those days! Cathyann, thank you! Maria, so glad you received it! Gosh, it took long enough to get there... Thanks for visiting.

  5. So funny! I like this with the plain fabric. It's very serene and warm. Lovely colors in the pears, too.


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