Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Joy of the Interwebs

Ya never know what you'll find on the interwebs:  Case in point, a perfect stranger from Russia named Alexander Smolyaninov made a video of my paintings and he posted it on YouTube.  Apparently, he does this as a goodwill gesture to promote artists of his choosing.  He showcased some of my best paintings...  and for that I am grateful! 

In other interweb news:  I was the featured artist on recently! Lisa Orgler wrote a remarkable review.  She said my floral still lifes feel "solid" and "stable."  ...and that makes me really happy.  Both my website and blog had increases in traffic, thanks to these posts! 

As my art reaches more people, I feel both excited and humbled.  The internet is an amazing thing.


  1. This is beautiful Diane! Your pieces look lush, full and bright. A beautifully done video (good music too!).

  2. Sounds like good things are happening for you Diane. Congratulations, all that hard work is begining to pay off!

  3. Wonderful!! Thanks for blessing us with your beautiful work. I love starting my day with an email with your art-definitely brightens my day and inspires me to pick up my brush. :)

  4. Congratulations on that! Wonderful!


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