Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shooting Poppies in Field Flower Painting

Shooting Poppies 18x18 Oil on Unstretched Canvas NFS
One of the pleasures of blogging is realizing you are not the only one who does what-ya-do. Before blogging I wouldh've second guessed my latest inspiration. My latest inspiration is to make some shamelessly decorative paintings with cool graphic backgrounds USING ACRYLIC paint! Oh, the horror, right? What kind of real artist experiments with different paints and then goes from "painterly traditional" (indulge me) to decorative graphics?? Well, as it turns out: MANY! Many of the artists I admire switch subjects, paints and styles like they change a pair of shoes. Gotta LOVE that, thank you fellow bloggers for sharing (You know who you are!) Yes, we'll be trying some new decorative acrylic florals in 2010!


  1. I seem to be better at some still lifes with acrylics, I like to work fast and sometimes oil is frustrating for me. I like oil for other things, and as a realatively new oil painter (self taught) I find acrylics easier, but like the look of oils better. Too many hurdles...... what oils do you use/ I like the look of your texture, or smoothness... I guess that might be partly your medium? Love your work by the way, wish I could be near and watch you work, or take a class with you!

  2. I wanted to wish one of the most talented and sweetest artist I virtually know in the Land of Blog a fabulous New Year. May 2010 continue to give you many blessings to you and your family Diane!

  3. Ms. Hoeptner:

    Thanks to a comment link on R. Garriott's blog I've just discovered your baeautiful art and lively musings. I look forward to reading all your posts.

    I've added a link to your wonderful blog on my blogspot, Dabblerteer. -Bernard Echanow

  4. Mary Anne! Thanks for visiting. I use Winsor Newton water soluble oils. So far my experimentation with acrylics has gone ok, will post something later. Sheila, Thank you, same to you! Thanks Dabblerteer!

  5. Something wrong with acrylics?

  6. Thanks all! Mary Anne: I use Winsor Newton Water Soluble Oils. DKSmall: No! Nothing is wrong with acrylics. I just missed oils, ha. Now, I'm missing acrylics again, so... Do you see how that goes?


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