Friday, December 18, 2009

Poppy Field Rough Study

Husband, his boys and I will spend Christmas Day at my Mother's. My sister and her family will be there too. My Mother's home is flawlessly decorated at this time of the year and Christmas there is always a joy! Heh, beyond plugging in a light-up tree here I haven't done much to prepare for the holidays yet. This may be my last painting for a few days. There's much shopping, baking and decorating to do. Happy Holidays, dear reader.


  1. These colors would fit perfectly in my house! But I'm holding out for the money and the inclusion of the glass vases you do that I love so much!

    Here's wishing the economy was better--next year, 2010 here we come! Hope you and yours are happy and safe through this busy season!


  2. Well where have I been? I've missed the last three WONDERFUL poppy paintings, I love the explosion of color and the pattern background! Wow! Forget the Christmas shopping and decorating, keep painting!

  3. Hi, Diane,
    This poppies you've made are so beautiful that I show them in a blog that I created, I hope you don't mind, go there and see it:

  4. Wow! The colours are absolutely stunning in this. This is truly beautiful.

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