Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crackle Paint Rolling Red Sunflower Paintings

Rolling Red Sunflowers (with detail of one) each 8" x 8"
Mixed media on Board All three: N/A
Click images to see bigger.
Yes! That is crackle paint for furniture, sometimes we feel "crafty" and we indulge.


  1. I have been visiting and enjoying your blog art. Love the colors and compostitions! :)

  2. What a great idea, I like the texture of the background. it works so well with the "rough" quality of the flowers.

  3. !WoW! Stunning! What a way to brighten a living area with these gorgeous images.

  4. Diane, I have been looking through your lovely blog and enjoying what you are doing with the flowers. An exploration into something much bigger than flowers. Gorgeous use of negative shapes, as in these red sunflowers, makes them lean towards abstraction...cool. Keep going!

  5. It feels so alive and I love it that you added the crackle. I'm guessing this is even more impressive "in person"!

  6. I love your crackle paint
    Emily McPhie does it almost on all her paintings and I think it brings another type of beauty and interest to the painting
    nice Diane !

  7. Love the texture of the fine crackle paint! I think the big cracks are a bit too much (for my taste) but this is just the perfect touch!


  8. Hi Diane... Thanks for posting that you had done a triptych. It looks wonderful...
    How did you frame it??? Or did you???

    Did you end up selling them as a triptych or individually???


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