Saturday, September 5, 2009

...on trying too hard

I told a friend I was going to do my daily paintings using well known select interior paint brand colors (which I would match with my oil paint.) I told her catching the eye of interior designers who might have commissions for me was one of my goals. Plus, sometimes people need hand holding when picking art, I thought I'd help 'em decide by associating my paintings with a paint color they'd already approved. My friend said I was trying too hard.
Looking back, since I abandoned the idea: I realize she was probably right. It's hard enough attempting just one painting day after day. Add additional requirements and the simple act of painting starts to feel too much like real work? (It did.) This is not to say I don't love getting commissions, because I do!! My daily paintings are more of a voluntary discipline, so why would I want to make it harder? There were some benefits to my idea that I didn't anticipate though... A lot of new visitors found my blog because they searched out specific paint brand names, like "Behr Sleeping Beauty Pink DC2C-30-3." New blog traffic is always a good thing. I also have a renewed appreciation for interior designers who do have to coordinate colors not just in paint, but furniture, fabric and flooring! For more information about my art or commissioning a painting, please email me!


  1. Whew! that does sound like too much work! LOL. Your work is beautiful enough for designers to design the room around your art, not the other way around.
    I'm loving your new "smooth" brush strokes on the MDF. Great work!!!!

  2. Your intentions and approach are totally understandable! I'm glad they brought your work more attention. I am so enjoying your large flowers! You are inspiring me! Thanks


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