Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion in Cleveland, OH

I've thrown 6x6 "Daffodil & Moonbeams" up for auction on Ebay. Bidding starts at $65 with no reserve, auctions ends Sunday!
In unrelated news: Mulholland and Sachs, a store at ETON on the Eastside of Cleveland is now offering a selection of my 12" x 12" flower paintings! I was told in no uncertain terms that all the paintings would require custom frames in order to be exhibited... I (sort of grudgingly) obliged and was then astonished at how awesome they looked! If you happen to find yourself shopping at Eton, first congratulate yourself for having a healthy income and then stop by Mulholland and Sachs to buy a Diane Hoeptner original.


  1. Congratulations!

    And yeah, of course things look awesome when they're all custom framed...but it takes a larger chunk of the pocketbook. I do it anyway, though I've never had to do a lot at once and seen the bill. I'm sure that day will come though...

  2. You go, girl!! Sounds great and I hope they sell out!!

  3. How exciting for you! As I always say, the frames are the icing on the cake. But yes, custom frames are pricey. There are plenty of suppliers who have 12x12" ready made. Technically that doesn't fall under the 'custom' category, but the quality is fine and how would they know the difference? : )

  4. Thanks guys! SC: Right you are. I've been to every ready made frame shop in a 20 mile radius around Cleveland... I guess 12x12 is called "scrapbook page" or "album" size. I found wood ones, cast resin frames and plastic frames... I even found some frames with mirrors I thought might look nice. In the end though, custom turned out to be the best option.

  5. Wow... Congrats! I'd give my eye tooth to have that dilemma... okay, maybe not my eye tooth, how about one of my wisdom teeth...


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