Saturday, April 25, 2009

Red Clay Tulips

Red Clay Tulips 8"x 8" Oil on MDF Board $175.
Click image to see bigger.
Behr Clay Mug PPH-29A, Behr Creamy Nougat PPH-10P


  1. I don't know if its the new size, the decision to go with coordinating color for home interiors, but I'm really liking these. A lot more 'heft' or something. I like how you're showing more of the broken color in the background too.

  2. This is gorgeous, I love how the flowers play off the surface of that vase, it's very exciting to look at.
    I like the bigger size too.
    I am impressed with your wellspring of ideas! You've got a lot of energy, which of course is one of the reasons you're so successful. The main reason being that you have so much talent!

  3. Ι love your paintings very much, they are so fresh with excellent color harmonies!

  4. Congratulations for your year of blogging! I have found the same benefits and joys from it and am constantly inspired by other's work such as yours. What a great idea to tailor your work to home decorating for your paintings fit the bill!

    I absolutely love the warm pinks in this tulip painting. Beautiful all over palette. I agree about the smooth board, just love it! I've gone to using Ampersand Gessoboard which is already primed and give it another coat of gesso. It has a little more tooth than plain masonite. I just got tired of asking my hubby to cut all those boards! LOL I'll be back, love your paintings!


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