Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rolling Sunflowers, Suite of Three

Rolling Sunflowers, suite of three, each 22" x 22" Oil on Paper NFS
Be sure to click image for larger version.
The first time I painted/blogged about this set of sunflower paintings was in August of 2008, here. This set has a more designer desired neutral background. ...and we love the designers, don't cha know.


  1. very, very beautiful! congratulations!

  2. You have an easy mastery painting sunflowers, Diane!

    Really wonderful work. I hope you're getting ready to paint more as Spring time suggests its arrival.

    No matter the back--ground, you've captured the beauty and energy of these flowers.

  3. Thanks so much for your comment on 'Violet Mist.'...which brought me to your blog and your wonderful work! So vibrant and beautiful.

  4. So beautiful!!!

    What kind of paper do you paint oils on, and how do you prepare it? How do feel it suits better than canvas or linen or panel?

  5. Thanks all!! Jala: I used Arches Cold Press 140 lb One coat of gesso each side and edges. I only used paper because I didn't have large enough canvas (or panel) in my studio and I figured paper would be easier to ship. I've never painted on linen, I definitely prefer canvas or panel to paper. Painting on paper is new and still somewhat experimental to me. Hope that helps. Thanks for stopping by.


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