Friday, February 13, 2009

Rainy Day Irises

Rainy Day Irises 7" x 5" Oil on Canvas Panel N/A
Click image to see bigger.
Won't you be my friend? I've been wasting too much time having fun on Facebook. Internet friends are fun. If you don't mind me writing on your wall and looking at all your photos, click here and be my friend.


  1. The values in the irises are very effective.
    Nice blog!

  2. I love how you're able to captue the way the iris' little yellow accent pooches out just a bit from the petal. Awesome.

  3. Love these irises!!...

    Facebook does sometimes capture you and you end up not knowing how the time went by don't you??

  4. Great use of color and brush strokes are just fluid.

  5. Irises may be fussier but you've got them down with pizzaz! Nice work. I like your marketing idea on Etsy,too.
    Just started Facebook and you are so sucks time away like nothing else..and I would rather paint.Wouldn't you?


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