Saturday, August 23, 2008

Orange Lillies II

Orange Lillies II 8" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel  SOLD
Today I am hanging out with family out in Ashtabula County which is in the Northeast tip of Ohio on Lake Erie. I'm hoping to take some great pictures and enjoy my nephews ...who are growing at an alarming rate.


  1. Just as beautiful as the first. I like the way you made the backgrounds match so they would make wonderful companion pieces. I imagine think of those things because of your design/illustration background.
    Have a safe journey home.

  2. I really like your accent on shapes...your work is lovely!

  3. Love the colors and even the negative space. Simply great.

  4. Joan: Thanks! Yeppers, I do have a tendency to "design" paintings before I even pick up a brush, especially flower paintings. THERESA: This concept of emphasis on "shapes" is of interest to me... I think I DO place a high value on nice shapes, be they the subject or the space around the subject! INDIAARTIST: Thanks very much, I really appreciate it.

  5. I love all the flower paintings, but I think the lilies are my favorites. You have really captured the subtle color differences in these.


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